Meet Duane


Directed by Jack Vale, “Meet Duane” is a documentary that takes a comical look at an average street person. The film follows a man named Duane around his home town in northern California as he sings Beatles tunes at the top of his lungs, speaks words of wisdom and rides his bicycle because…well…as he puts it, “I got to git to the places I got to git to go to”. Duane is a longhaired, near 50 year old ordinary man who ended up on the streets some years ago and has a dream of recording his own album professionally. The director took Duane into a professional recording studio and made that dream come true and the music from this experience is on the soundtrack.

While shooting on location in Redding California with the assistance of assistant Director Doug Stein, it became clear early into production that Duane was a remarkable individual. He sings with passion in his eyes and he speaks with boldness in his voice. The words that come out of his mouth are generally true, at times surprising…and always entertaining. For nearly 30 years locals have been seeing him ride around town on his bike while his long hair and beard blows in the wind and sweat pours from his face. Members of his community have nicknamed him Moses due to his obvious appearance and no one has ever known what his real name is, until now. His name is Duane, and this is his story.


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